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To provide a safe, caring learning environment where students achieve the academic, personal, and social development required to pursue post-secondary education, compete in a changing job market, and participate in a multicultural, democratic society.

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Are you an incoming ninth grader interested in taking James Lick High School classes over the summer? If so, please download the application or follow the link in order to sign up! This will give you a chance to get to know our campus and start earning credits before the official start of your ninth grade year.
This is a QR code that corresponds to the link above for the Google form to sign up for summer school.
Or download and return this application. Click the image to open the PDF:
This is an image file of the application that can be downloaded through the link below.

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Dear Families,

It is both an honor and a privilege to personally welcome back our returning students and to open our doors and arms to the class of 2021. This is a special moment for me, as I have taken over the position of Principal at James Lick High School. Since 1999, I have served as a proud Comet in many different roles and from day 1 it has felt like home. 

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Please click the link below for a PDF of the results of the Fall 2017 Principal's Survey.

Click me.


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Class of ‘68 Reunion!

Sept. 22nd, 2018 

Go to www.JamesLick68.myevent.com for info, photos, and tickets. 


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This is an image file version of Principal Porter's weekly newsletter.

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  • 2016-2017 James Lick High School Calendar