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GPA and Class Rank
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Grade Point Average

Students receive 1 set of grades per semester, 2 per year. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated for each semester, which then rolls into cumulative GPA from semester to semester. Every letter grade is calculated into the GPA. Grades that are not calculated into GPA are grades listed as P for Pass or NP for Not Passed, such as the grades received for a Student Aide or Avid Tutor Leadership classes. However, students still earn 5 credits per semester.  
ESUHSD calculates several GPAs for different reasons - these include Cumulative GPA (all grades), Term GPA (grades from the last grading period), Cal Grant GPA (special calculation as specified by the Cal Grant program), and CSU/UC GPA (college prep grades from grades 10 - 12).
A college prep GPA includes all of the classes that have a "P" in front of it on the transcript, for example: P-WORLD HISTORY.  A non-college prep class would simply be listed like this:  PE-COURSE 1  or EARLY CHILD LAB. 
GPA can be either weighted or unweighted. ESUHSD does not report a weighted GPA. Therefore, the GPA that appears on the student's transcript will always be unweighted. However, most universities will recalculate the grades using a weighted scale. The main difference between two types of GPA is that the weighted GPA includes an extra point for AP courses.
Computing Your GPA
All GPA's are calculated by assigning each letter grade a number value according to the graph listed below. The total sum of grade points is then divided by the number of classes in the calculation. Some teachers use (+ or -) in the reporting of grades, however it is not calculated into the GPA. In general, repeat classes are averaged into a cumulative total. (There are exceptions in some subject areas for a first semester D).
Grade Regular AP
A 4 5
B 3 4
C 2 3
D 1 1
F 0 0
For more information about the CSU Eligibility Index and GPA calculation, please visit
For more information about the UC GPA calculation, please visit:
Class Rank
Class rank is based on the un-weighted GPA  of all classes in all grade levels.  Several students may share the same rank. GPA and class rank are re-computed every semester.