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Community College Concurrent Enrollment

College Classes 
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JL students also ask to take classes at the community college over the summer.  Sometimes they wish to advance in Math and sometimes they just want to learn a new subject.  The college places some restrictions on the classes a high school student can take. Generally, they are not allowed to take classes offered by JLHS. The only exception is math where a student might take a class to get to the next class level.    ​
We only place courses on our transcript if it is needed for graduation.  In these cases, the official transcript (sealed and unopened) is ordered at EVC and brought or mailed to the counselor for inclusion in the transcript.   ​
Any college course has to be reported on a college application.  ​
Guidelines for Community College Courses during the School Year (Coming Soon)
Guidelines for Community College Courses during the Summer  (Coming Soon)         
Students should fill it out, have their parents sign and bring it to Ms. Mejia, Counseling Tech (in the counseling office). Once it has been signed off at the school, the student can take the form to the college to enroll.