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12th Grade

12th Grade - Senior Page
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Check your Canvas to monitor your academic progress, the Monthly Event Calendar for upcoming events, and the Grade Level Presentation Chart for weekly presentations in various topics.
Credits / Grades:
  • Students must earn a minimum of 220 credits in required courses to graduate from high school.
  • Every class that you pass successfully, you will earn 5 credits.
  • If you have less than 160 credits at the beginning of your Senior year, you must meet with your counselor immediately to review your graduation status, and may need to sign up for Cyber High Credit Recovery Program
  • You must earn a "C" or better grade to move on to the next level of classes. 
  • Review the High School Graduation and "A-G" Requirements available in the left menu.
College and Career:
  • Colleges/Universities only accept "C" or better grades, which means that if you earn a "D" grade you will need to re-take the class for a better grade. 
  • Attend College / Career Fairs.
  • Speak with your counselor about college specific exam requriements.
Financial Aid:
  • Apply for FAFSA or the Dream Act Application for Undocumented Students.   Check the Financial Aid link for Scholarship Opportunities.  Ask about the Community College Promise Grants and the EOP(S) opportunities.
Naviance Resources:
  • Move all colleges (CSU's, UC's, Out-of-State Schools, Private Universities, Community Colleges, and Technical Schools) from "Colleges I'm Thinking About" section to "Colleges I'm Applying To" section in Naviance.
  • In the Spring, post where you are attending college so we can send your final transcript.  
Check your email REGULARLY. Colleges/Universities will use email to notify you if you are missing vital documents from your College Application. You will be notified via email if you have been accepted to their College/University.