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To report an absence, call: 408-347-4400.

The State of California has instituted Senate bill 727 (New Attendance Law). Under this law only students that are in school will count for reimbursement from the state. Because of this new law it is very important for the financial stability of the district that all students be in school. Every student must be in school unless it is necessary for him\her to be absent due to illness, doctor appointment, court subpoena or funeral of a member of the student’s immediate family. These are the only excusable reasons for a student’s absence from school.

Family emergencies, out-of-town emergencies, etc. are considered “no excuse” absences unless the school has been notified prior to the absence. When possible, all absences should be cleared in advance through the Attendance Office.

If a student arrives late to school, he/she must report directly to the Attendance Office with a note from a parent; if he/she does not, the student will receive “cuts” for those classes missed. If no parent verification is received, the student will receive a “cut” for all classes missed.

Students who must leave campus before the end of the school day must check out through the Attendance Office. If they do not, they will receive “cuts” for all classes missed. Students that do not follow attendance procedures may be referred for disciplinary action.

Students who are absent must contact the attendance office at 408-347-4400. It is requested that a parent or guardian telephone the school the first day of the student absence. Contact should be made as early as possible. After five (5) days any “uncleared” absences will be considered “cuts” and a detention will be assigned. A parent or guardian will still be able to clear the absence, but the detention will remain for failure to clear the absence within five days.

Call 408-347-4400 if you are absent.