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Hi, I am Mr. Truong and I am back at James Lick for the second year.  Again, I will be splitting my time between James Lick and Piedmont Hills.  Before becoming a librarian  I was teaching  U.S. History, Sheltered U.S. History, Government, and Economics at Evergreen Valley High  School.

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The library is part of the new learning center on campus.  I will be on campus Wednesday, Thursday and some Fridays.

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Look at the library calendar to see if there is an opening for that day and schedule yourself in. I am available on Wednesdays and Thursdays to demonstrate how to do research, accessing the database, and to collaborate with fellow teachers.

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Databases contain high quality, organized information from reference books, magazines, journals, video clips and more. It is like having access to a huge library. It would be difficult to quickly find these resources if you were to do an Internet search.  

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If you are using the Gale database outside of the schools network you will need a password to login. The password is: comets. A username and password is required for the Proquest database. The user name is eastside and the password is esuhsd.

Reader - esuhs_jl - psx

Reader - esuhs_jl - suic

Reader - esuhs_jl - ovic

Reader - esuhs_jl - scic

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If you are searching outside of the schools network you will need a password to login. The username is eastside, and the password is esuhsd.

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Thoai Truong
Library Media Teacher
(408) 347-74480